LeanWork, as a typical B2B SaaS company, is also facing many sales & marketing problems. With our great technical strength, SalesWork was created.
We have always believed that SaaS companies can also achieve successful sales management and marketing.
LeanWork practice what we promote, we know your pain best
LeanWork, as a typical B2B SaaS company, is also facing many sales & marketing problems. With our great technical strength, SaaS Work was created. We always believe that SaaS companies can achieve great sales and marketing management.
Intelligent data collection, 360° persona outline
  • SalesWork taps into all of your customers' behavioral touchpoints. Intelligently capture where your customers came from, what they saw, and what they did.
  • Customer management can provide a complete customer persona comprehensively, helping you quickly understand your customers and build a solid foundation for your refined operations.
Fully cover over customer life cycle
  • From clues to payment, flexible and close-loop management, let cash never stop flowing
  • Flexible and changeable payment receivable management, matching business needs, allowing cash to flow accurately
  • Charge collection and overdue management. Collection, dunning and refund, perfectly finish the final step of transaction.
  • 360° data view, support for a comprehensive view and revenue reporting, data tracking and analysis
Data dashboards to help make smarter decisions
  • Flexible custom data reporting, multiple ways of visualizations
  • Key data trigger warning mechanism, master important trend information
  • Performance analysis, conversion funnel, input-output ratio? Important decisions must be made with data
Scientific sales management to promote sustained growth in performance
  • Efficient and rigorous sales opportunity management, effectively track the progress of opportunities and promote fast statements
  • Automated tracking of clue development, using the public client pool to improve the lead circulation rate, fully tap the potential of clues
  • More comprehensive performance management, transforming corporate strategy into actionable goals, motivating sales to achieve goals
Marketing automation to fully unlock operation potential
  • Support automated collection of customer dynamic information from the various channels, the 360° outline of customer persona would effectively help you better understand customers
  • Our customer group management would help you quickly organize different groups of customers and achieve the first step of your refined operation
  • Support online editing of EDM, event landing pages, text messages, etc.; one-stop management activities related marketing content; and equipped with a rich content template library, easy to use fool-like drag and drop operation, even the design of the money is saved
Intimate professional after-sales service
  • Our professional pre-sales team will provide you with product consultation, solution consulting and other pre-sales services.
  • Our dedicated customer success manager will provide 7*24 hours after-sales service during the lifecycle.
  • 1 to 1 targeted system function training, quick and easy to get started
We remember our original intention, and keeps long-term companion. We are your more stable and reliable partner.