金融公司数字化转型离不开CRM解决方案。BrokerWork是针对金融特定场景、为金融、证券、期货金融券商量身打造的CRM解决方案。通过客户终端Client Portal、代理终端IB Portal、内部管理后台Back Office三大终端帮助金融券商实现业务线上化、管理流程化、运营高效化,从而提高效率、降低成本。
lean work

Product features
Flexible and Automatic Commission Settlement System
According to the specific business scenes of Brokers, it provides a variety of flexible and automatic commission modes. Brokers can customize commission rules and parameters, and freely combine commission modes required to meet business needs, and improve the efficiency of commission settlement.

Rapid account opening

Free Combination of Custom Report
It breaks fixed field of report mode, so Brokers can freely combine the required fields to form the desired report.

Refined Customer Segmentation Operation
One-stop entrance manages customer information, integrates IP phone, mail, SMS, station notice and other marketing tools directly contacted with customers, uses customer groups for precision marketing, and improves customer conversion rate.

Exclusive Promotion Links
Different types of promotion links can be used to realize the automatic allocation of agents and customers, and help brokers to efficiently conduct customer/agent management and tracking.

Affluent KYC Compliance
It provides functions such as ID Validity Verification, Customer Appropriateness Test, to meet the need of Broker KYC and Compliance.

Simple and Friendly User Interface
BrokerWork 设计简洁友好,操作简单方便,人员上手迅速,便于券商快速将其应用于业务中。

Product Price


Available Brokerage
Brokerage Type Small and Medium Brokerage Medium and Large Brokerage
Brokerage Description Company scale is 20~50
value customer relationship management and sales management process
seek business process and management standardization
Company scale is over 50
with integrated marketing and sales team
focus on precise marketing and refinement operation
User Number 200 Back Office User
2000 Client Portal User
500 Back Office User
5000 Client Portal User
Custom Brand Inforamtion
Custom UI
Custom Role Permission
Custom Security Setting
Custom Field Setting
Multi-lingual Support
Operation Logs
Origin Data Import
Origin Data Export
Customer Basic Information Management
Associated Account Management
(Trade Account, IB Portal Account, Customer Portal Account)
Customer Basic Dynamics
(Follow Up, Operation History, Trading History)
Customer Segmentation
(Static Segmentation, Dynamic Segmentation)
Sales Opportunity Management
Follow-up Record Management
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Trading Account
Multi-system account management integration
Sensitive Information Synchronization Rule Setting
Account Opening
Customer Information Management
(Basic Information, Financial Information, ID Information, Appropriateness Test)
Account fund management
(Transfer Account, Credit Granting)
Account Basic Information Management
(Login Status, Reset Password, Allow Modifying Password)
Account information management
(Leverage, Group)
Account Abstract Query
(Balance, Equity, Profit/Loss, Margin, etc.)
Inquiry of transaction records
(Position Holding, Listing, Transaction History, Capital History)
Custom account information change notice
(Credit, Funds, Margin Ratio, etc.)
Customer Segmentation
(Static Segmentation, Dynamic Segmentation)
IB Portal
IB Basic Information Management
IB Task Process
(IB Registration, IB Commission Withdraw, etc.)
IB Commission Level Management
IB Commission Management
Custom Commission Mode Daily Commission, Real-time Commission Daily Commission, Real-time Commission
Custom Adjust Commission Parameters
IB Lower Account Information Query
IB Commission Report
IB lower Account Report
Client Portal
Multi-platform account opening and binding
Basic business rules setting
(Account Opening, Amount, Transfer, Leverage, Account Group, etc.)
Bonus Rule Setting
Appropriateness Test
Custom Login Page
Custom Registration Sheet and Process
Custom Navigation Menu
Customer Self-service Online Account Opening
(Demo Server, Real Account, and Additional Account)
Customer funds management
(Transfer Account)
Customer Self-service Basic Information Management
(Reset Password, Adjust Leverage)
Customer Self-service Account Abstract Information Query
Customer self-service transaction record query
(Position Holding, Listing, Transaction History, Capital History)
Account Information Exception Alert
(Margin Ratio etc.)
Task Approval Process(Task)
Client Task
(Account Opening、Transfer Account、Adjust Leverage、Account Allocation, etc)
IB Task
(IB Registration、IB Commission Withdraw and etc.)
Email Notification
(Customer Task, IB Task)
Task Approval Setting
Customer ID Authentication
Customized notification rule
(Amount, Account balance, etc.)
Custom approval process
(multi-layer approval)
Sales Opportunity Management
Follow-up Record Management
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Custom Report View
Account report
Commission Report
Performance Reports
Report Download Center
Custom Report
Business Intelligence (BI)
Customize my dashboard
Regular report subscription
(email pushes daily, weekly, monthly and seasonly news)
Performance Index Analysis
Client target analysis
Trading target analysis
Capital Index Analysis
Source Conversion Analysis
Customer Ranking
Performance Ranking
Open API
Basic Data Interface
User Interface
Trade Account Interface
Deployment plans
Deployment plan SaaS Exclusive cloud server solution On premise deployment Plan
Settlement Charge $1000(套餐含) $10,000 $100,000
Product cost Base on the selected product version Base on the selected product version Included, unlimited number of users
Product version update Free Free if there is no customization For free 2/year
Server and maintenance fee Nil $20,000 / Year
Be responsible for cloud server fees
Self-purchased server
Maintenance service:$20,000 / year
Support for concurrency (approx) Flexible expansion 100 / second Base on the self-purchased server setup
Server room Unavailable AliCloud or Amazon self-selected
Customization Not supported Supported Supported
Authorization of application and data base shared service, no management permission all on-premise deployment, no management permission self maintenance
deployment time (Approx) start immediately after product purchased 5~7 manday 7~14 manday
(depending on the client's hardware & software limitations)

Application Scenarios


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