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10/09/2018 10:10
In the era of the digital economy, major companies are exploring how to achieve digital transformation successfully, and truly achieve "data-driven growth". As the "Most intelligent CRM for Brokers". Broker Work is also committed to helping brokers make full use of their data to support key decisions and effectively drive performance growth through powerful data analysis. Therefore, we have brought you an intelligent data analysis tool tailored for the brokerage business scene - the dashboard, let’s come to experience the charm!

Minimize customer acquisition costs

  • The dashboard can provide a comprehensive view of all customers' complete life cycle data, from potential customers to deposit/withdrawal customers, from dormant customers to daily/weekly active customers, all of them can implement in an easy and friendly way;
  • If you have multiple channels for developing customers, you can also see the customer quality from different channels, easily evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each channel and forecast the budget to the real valuable channels;
  • Is the value brought by the agent and the commission paid to him with better proportional? Which agent is the most valuable client? Which agent may bring risks? The value analysis of the agent can be presented in an all-round manner on the dashboard so that there is no need to worry about how to distinguish between good and bad agent.

 Data visualization 

History data reports, to obtain the final actual performance statistics, need to rely on secondary calculations and beautification. There are dozens of visual elements and graphics built into the dashboard. In addition to the regular line, pie, and column charts, we also support complex flow diagrams, chord diagrams, circle pie charts, waterfall charts, and pyramid charts. Completely release the power of data to help better you understand the data.

More role work intelligence

The business development of brokers is inseparable from the efforts of sales agents and the promotion of marketing and operations. Therefore, in addition to the boss, the dashboard also has a data view tailored for business personnel.
  • 「Customer Data Analysis」Can help business personnel to understand the overall situation of their customers in an all-around way and provide an effective basis for daily follow-up.
  • 「Performance and Statistics Analysis」Can help business personnel view the deposits and transactions of all subordinate customers, and keep abreast of the completion of their performance, knowing where the target is and faster achieve it.
  • 「Source Conversion Trend」Can help marketer and operators find the best quality channels to get more potential customers, using every penny in the most worthy area.
Note:For your data security, Broker Work defaults to administrators having "dashboard" viewing privileges, while its value is for multiple roles.Administrators have the flexibility to assign dashboard viewing privileges to more roles, allowing Broker Work to better support the business growth.  If you are interested in our products, please contact us via Or click here for free trial!

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