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Lean Work
06/19/2020 13:13

Financial CRM of LeanWork is a leading product that has been polished for nearly six years. Up to now, we have iterated more than 120 versions, released nearly 5000 new functions and optimizations, and received praise from nearly 1000 securities customers. Now it is a very mature securities CRM, and we don’t need to iterate and update as frequently as we did at the beginning, so we slow down the pace of product update, we focus more on bringing better pre-sales and after-sales service experience to all customers.

At the beginning of the year, despite the impact of the epidemic, everyone worked at home for a long time, but the scattered partners around the world still insisted on providing you with 7 * 12 hours of after-sales service, still using the fastest time and the best service to help customers solve all problems, we are still the "CRM with the best understanding of securities companies".

How useful is LeanWork CRM today?

We have received many customer requirements for 6 years. Because of the different scale, background and business of each customer, the needs related to "customization" are constantly emerging. As a SaaS product, how to "respond to all changes with no change" is the goal we have been exploring and implementing. How flexible can CRM be now? Let me speak slowly.

1. Customized brand information means that even if you and your competitors use CRM of LeanWork, you can also customize brand information so that users can not feel that it is from the same underlying system.

For each company, it has its unique brand information and brand color deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, LeanWork CRM To what extent can brand information be customized?

  • Site domain name
  • Site Icon
  • Site tone
  • Company logo
  • Corporate name
  • Company contact
  • System language
  • Login page background and layout of login box
  • Custom menu
  • Custom landing page

2. Custom approval process 10 types of trader tasks.

The circulation and management of various tasks are the core of the business operation of securities companies, LeanWork CRM. It supports the management of multiple process tasks. Each task type of securities firm can customize the approval process according to its own organizational structure, such as: what information needs to be provided at each step, who needs to approve, who can receive the notification after the task is initiated, and whether the notification method is SMS or email? Can be customized in task settings.

  • Real account opening application
  • Account opening application of the same name
  • Deposit application
  • Wire transfer deposit application
  • Deposit application
  • Application for adjustment of leverage
  • Bind account application
  • Application for modification of account owner information
  • Reset transaction account password application
  • Agent registration application
  • Agent deposit application

3. Custom report account report.

In the era of digital transformation, the importance of data report is self-evident. LeanWork CRM Powerful report module built in18Common reports covering account related, Commission related and sales/Agency performance related 3 types.

  • Consolidated account statement
  • Statement of account funds
  • Position inquiry
  • List query
  • Transaction history query
  • Variety Commission Report
  • Stop loss and profit statement
  • New account statement
  • Transaction commission return Report
  • Return of commission
  • Return of net income
  • Profit sharing Commission return statement
  • Net profit sharing Commission return statement
  • Commission return Report
  • Daily return Report
  • Real time Commission return Report
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