HIT! BROKER WORK Version Hierarchy is Coming!

09/20/2019 10:10

In August 2014, LEAN WORK launched the world's first Broker CRM system-BROKER WORK.

Five years refinement perfects BROKER WORK,which attracts over 500 Brokerages to choose it.

Five years of extensive exploration, BROKER WORK creates another innovation that provides customized versions for diversified brokerages.

This version hierarchy is the one that formed by splitting the original "united" product functions and combing fragments that perfectly match brokers' business requirements. BROKER WORK presently comes into two distinct versions: Standard version and Pro version.

Why we process version hierarchy?

Every revolution is the result of careful consideration.

This is the reason: Version hierarchy of BROKER WORK is "tailored broker CRM solutions " that derived from years of exploration in the financial field, over 500 diversified broker service experiences, extensive knowledge of forex, securities, and futures alongside with successive refinement of product functions.

From Client Portal to IB Portal, back-office approval to CRM, and finally to Business Intelligence. We never stop the in-depth analysis of broker business scenarios. This effort, to some extent, helps to successively extend the coverage of front end and middle end for the security business.

Brokerages served by LEAN WORK, are of diverse types: startup brokerages, small and medium brokerages, and transnational licensed brokerages. It can be found amid the service process that brokerages of different types, business model, operation growth mentality and needs of CRM tools are different.

Some brokers prefer cheap price to functions; some value process regulation that requires certain tools to improve management and operation efficiency; while others take importance in data security and function stability, especially internal and regulatory compliance.

Through further study, we found that BROKER WORK version hierarchy is of great use to better match functions brokers demanded, avoid unnecessary spend as well as achieve a demand-based purchase.

Meanwhile, streamlined value-added service will reduce the purchase cost whose component functions are classified into its corresponding product version. Clear version futures save brokers from hidden fees, they can simply select the desired version.

The business automation tool-BI dashboard, for instance, was a part of value-added service functions, now allocated into Standard and Pro version.

Standard or Pro?

Standard version and Pro version, are both designed for diversified brokers. The former is for small and medium-sized brokerages, the later for medium and large licensed brokerages.

LEAN WORK with years of experiences has noticed that small and medium brokerages mostly adopt "sales-oriented" business growth mode. They lay emphasis on customer relationship and sales process management. Furthermore, the management is of great awareness of process and compliance. In pursuit of higher efficiency and lower cost, they are eager for a comprehensive CRM tool that can manage internal workflows, customers and agents.

Standard version is designed based on the business model and pain points of small and medium-sized brokerages.

This version involves IB Portal, Client Portal, Back Office, and BI. The full-featured CRM system is able to realize the internal process standardization and improve operation efficiency of this kind of brokerages.

As regard to medium and large licensed brokerages, rules are different.

These brokerages, as a rule, are installed with sound sales, marketing teams and regulatory management system, with customers thoroughly covering many countries and regions. Likewise, managers are aware of "data-driven growth" and value data security and compliance, resulting in great complexity of the approval process.

Given that deficiency, we released the Pro version to content their business requirements.

Five highlights of BROKER WORK Pro version:

  • Customer segmentation, as well as account segmentation, help brokers to achieve precise operation and refinement marketing.
  • Custom tunning commission parameters provides high-efficiency and facilitated settlement.
  • Customized approval process enables multi-level approval.
  • The customized report supports the free combination of fields, create reports your design.
  • Customized account open sheet and process assist brokers to comply with internal regulation and regulatory compliance.

KYC, Appropriateness Test, Exclusive Operation Promotion Links...There are much more strong futures awaiting for you. Come and learn more details.

Click here to know more about the detailed comparison of Standard version and Pro version.

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