How to Choose the right Financial CRM Provider?

06/04/2019 16:16
How to Choose the right Financial CRM Provider?
How to Choose the right Financial CRM Provider?

Ok, after learning so much about financial CRM, how do you choose a CRM provider?

First of all, the product itself meets your needs or not.

Different brokers have different functional requirements for financial CRM systems. Some may only need basic account opening and task dealing functions, some require a full set of customer management, IB management and task dealing management, and some require special functions such as real-time rebates and scheduled rebates.

Brokers need to choose the right financial CRM system based on actual conditions.

Second, consider the brand and strength of the technology provider.

You'd better choose a CRM provider with stable business performance and sufficient technical talent.

Stable business performance can guarantee that they will provide you with stable technical services during the process of using their financial CRM system.

At the beginning of the establishment, brokers might not pay attention to the reliability of Financial CRM providers, and chose the "cheapest one". However, just after they used the CRM system, his technology provider went bankrupt. Eventually, brokers were unable to access CRM system data and their business was seriously affected.

Choosing a reliable financial CRM provider will ensure that there is technical support behind you. So you can focus on business growth without worrying about technology.

So, what key points should you consider when choosing a financial CRM provider?

1. Provider’s reputation in the whole industry. Are their product and technical strength verified by many peers?

2. The size of the company's technical team. How good is their technology, and can it provide long-term technical support?

Finally, consider cost and docking.

When considering costs, not only the price of the financial CRM system itself, but comprehensive costs should be considered.

1. The cost of the product itself

That is the price of the product itself, such as the monthly fee for a cloud-based financial CRM solution.

2. Docking costs

Data must be migrated to the financial CRM system in some way without losing potential customers, databases, follow up records, etc. The cloud financial CRM solution is simple and fast-docking, so it is convenient for brokers to quickly carry out business.

3. Cost of use

Is the performance of the financial CRM system stable and user-friendly?

Does the CRM provider provide adequate training and customer support?

These all affect your subsequent experience.

Your business may have just started, and you want to focus all your energy on business growth rather than technology development. The financial CRM system in SaaS mode is your best choice.

LEAN WORK's financial CRM system——Broker Work, serving more than 500 financial brokers, has comprehensive functions, stable performance, and mature technology, and is well received by the industry.

We mainly deploy financial CRM systems in SaaS mode, including Basic and Pro versions, and different versions have different functions. Start-up brokers can choose the Basic version to facilitate quick business. When the business grows, it can be upgraded directly from the Basic version to the Pro version to meet more business needs. Mature brokers can directly choose the Pro version to help your business grow.

At the same time, LEAN WORK also provides a privatization deployment solution to better meet the needs of brokers for data security, regulatory compliance, and internal business system integration.

Financial CRM solution—Broker Work

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