5 Reasons to Choose A Cloud-based Financial CRM System

05/28/2019 14:14
Cloud-based Financial CRM System
Cloud-based Financial CRM System

What is a cloud-based financial CRM system?

Cloud-based financial CRM means that CRM software is hosted in a cloud server. All users can access cloud-based CRM software anytime via the Internet.

When information is stored in the cloud, you and your team can access CRM data from a mobile device or tablet to view customer information at any time.

Upgrade your brokerage business to the cloud

The huge and complex financial CRM system is no longer popular, and the days when IT teams are required to install and maintain systems are gone.

Today's financial CRM system is not only more advanced in technology, but also more user-friendly. IT companies provide a variety of solutions to meet the unique needs of brokerage firms.

Here are five reasons why brokers should consider upgrading their brokerage to the cloud:

1.   Rapid deployment without installation

Cloud financial CRM system does not need to be installed. Brokers only need to connect to the Internet, then they can log in and use it easily.

You don't have to pay for hardware and server maintenance, and you don't need to have permanent IT staff on site, so you don't have to worry about complicated installations, data migration, or even software updates! - All of this can be done remotely for you.

2.   Seamless access

Because the server is cloud-based rather than a specific office or location, any device can be used to access a cloud-based CRM system anytime, anywhere.

24/7 accessibility is the biggest advantage of the cloud financial CRM system.

cloud-based financial crm

Imagine that when you are on the road, your boss suddenly asks you to report the current number of the platform, or to find out the contact information of an important customer right away. What should you do?

Must you go back to the office to do all this?


With the cloud financial CRM system, you can access the system anytime, anywhere in the office, train station, coffee shop, home.

You only need to connect to the Internet to access the system from any device, whether it's a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This is especially convenient for any modern business.

3.   Flexible and scalable

With a financial CRM system, small brokerages are likely to start only with functions that help them complete their current job and are related to their unique needs.

However, as your business grows, you may decide to need more capacity, new features, or more advanced modules. In this case, you can immediately upgrade your cloud-based financial CRM system to meet your new needs.

For example, if you use LEAN WORK’s financial CRM-BROKER WORK, you can upgrade it from the basic version to the Pro version as your business grows.

4.   High level of data security.

Financial CRM systems installed in the cloud use modern encryption methods to protect data.

When a virus threat is detected, IT specialists will take immediate steps to protect data security. At the same time, all data is backed up on multiple servers after encryption to ensure that it is not lost.

A good financial CRM system also allows brokers to control who can view the data. These all help to protect the security and privacy of brokerage data.

5.   Affordable - especially for small brokerages

The cost of an on-premise financial CRM system is relatively high, in addition to the initial cost of purchasing hardware and software, as well as the ongoing cost of upgrades and maintenance. All of this is especially difficult for small businesses.

Cloud-based financial CRM systems usually charge monthly/quarterly/yearly, or according to the number of users.

IT company will provide technical support and system maintenance as well as free software updates, which will greatly reduce the IT cost of brokers. It is very cost-effective for small brokerages.

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