5 benefits why you should use financial CRM system

05/22/2019 10:10

5 benefits why you should use financial CRM system
5 benefits why you should use financial CRM system

1. Establish brokerage business online

Account opening? Deposit? Task processing? These can all be done online.

The financial CRM solution covers the entire process of the brokerage business, helping brokers to better conduct online business.

2. Provide data support for evaluating IB quality

Brokers with IB mode are often troubled by finding quality IBs and calculating rebates.

Choosing excellent financial CRM can help brokers:

  1. Systematically manage IB
  2. Set multi-level rebate
  3. Automatic rebate
  4. Tracking the quality of direct customers developed by IBs

Evaluate the quality of the IB with data and find the best IB with the highest input-output ratio.

3.360° comprehensive understanding of customers

With financial CRM, brokers can manage all customer data in one entrance and understand the whole picture of customers.

Also, it can track the whole process of customers from account opening,deposit to transactions, which helps brokers to establish marketing activities in line with customer value journey and increase single customer income.

4. Keep track of the platform's core operational data

Because financial CRM can collect the core data of the platform and display it visually, the broker can use the dashboard tool to keep track of the operation status of the platform easily.

5. Discover high-quality marketing access channels

Brokers have invested heavily in their customer acquisition strategies. But in many cases, they don’t know which channel is the best to acquire customers.

Financial CRM can track customer growth trends and conversions across different channels, helping brokers analyze channel quality and identify which one is worth investing.

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