Evolution of CRM systems: history and future

04/04/2019 10:10

We used laptops to manage customer data in the past few years;

Today, we utilize big data to draw out customer portraits, use AI to predict customers’ behavior, and use automation to improve the customers’ experience.

From just data entry to widely used smart tools, CRM systems have evolved over the past 40 years.

In 40 years before, the CRM system revolution is moving forward step by step. We have compiled such an information map to explain the process.

financial crm

Know your customer and constantly meeting the customer's needs is the foundation of any business.

As a SaaS company specializing in the field of financial CRM, LEAN WORK's CRM system deeply understands the needs of brokers, manages all customer-related information through a unified portal, helps brokers 360-degree draw customer portraits, and uses automated tools to track customers in the complete journey.

In the era of digital transformation, LEAN WORK is also heading to “automation, intelligence”. The “dashboard” tool is our attempt in business intelligence. You can customize the data you want to show in the dashboard.

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