Two data tell you why retail brokers must pay attention to the Asian market

12/07/2018 8:08
Overall, the average global deposits in October increased to $3,986.70, an increase of 63% from September.
( data Source: finance magnates) 
In October, the average Asian market deposits led the market, with Japan ranking first with an average deposit of $8,973.20, followed by Singapore at $6,135.70, while China ranked 10th with an average deposit of $1,868.68.
After the sluggish September, the market activity in October increased entirely.
The most eye-catching performance is the China market, where traders in China trade an average of 166 transactions per account. Compared with the average of 95 trades ranked 10th in Australia, the transaction volume is nearly 75%.
Asian markets are increasingly dominant in the global foreign exchange market.
What made Japan and Singapore return to the ranks of Pioneer in deposits?
What caused the "unusual activity" in the China market?
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