Dealer Work successfully docked MT5 to Esunny, realizing an MT5 account trading multi-assets

04/17/2019 5:05

Brokers who are offering multi-asset transactions have always been plagued by the customers’ needs to use different platforms for trading forex and futures until Dealer Work successfully docked MT5 with Esunny.

YGC has been facing complaints from multi-asset trading customers all the time due to the inconvenience of trading platform switching, no matter how stable the customer base they have.

Like most of their peers, YGC applies different methods as operational management for two different types of assets, namely forex and futures. For forex clients, YGC offers MetaQuotes classic trading platform Metatrader5 (MT5), which is convenient for customers to conduct forex transactions. For futures trading clients, YGC chooses Esunny.

The switchback between MT5 and Esunny two trading platforms makes multi-asset trading customers complain a lot and the trading experience is extremely poor.

If the forex, futures, gold and other assets trading is happening on only one platform, will help brokers solve the difficult problem in multi-assets trading.

Now Dealer Work, successfully connected Metatrader5 with Esunny, which perfectly helped the brokers solve this problem.


one of the main futures trading platforms in the world, supports most of the major overseas exchange, such as Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME), Singapore Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), COMEX...

Metatrader5 (MT5)

an upgraded version of the classic forex trading platform MT4, is a diversified financial market trading platform that supports forex, futures, stocks and many other assets.

Dealer Work

a visual risk management system widely favored by domestic brokers, independently developed by LEAN WORK and almost 4 years old this year.

Dealer Work successfully docked MT5 to Esunny, which enables the brokers to only provide customers with a platform MT5, but can achieve multiple assets trading such as forex, futures and precious metals.

Do you remember the success of the Plus 500?

Two important points are:

  1. Providing a good trading environment for clients
  2. Introducing new trading varieties faster than competitors.

With the acceleration of the internationalization of finance, more and more investors will turn their attention to the international asset variety, and multi-asset will help your brokerage business grow continuously.

If you only provide forex trading, have you considered the multi-asset trading needs of old customers?

Do you want to open up a new customer group (like futures traders)? Dealer Work successfully docked MT5 and Esunny, so now your business scope is not limited to foreign exchange, but extend to the futures market.

If you are already providing multi-asset trading for your customers, congratulations, you have seized the potential opportunity.

However, you also need to upgrade your trading platform to provide customers a better trading environment to improve customers' trading experiences. And using the Dealer Work risk control management will ensure your MT5 platform so that your customers can trade multiple assets on one platform at the same time!

Regardless of your brokerage situation, Dealer Work is a good helper for your business. Connect the world with [bridge] to help brokerage business grow and grow.

To be an excellent risk control management, Dealer Work is serious!

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