LEANWORK iFXExpo Asia Hong Kong Exhibition ended successfully

01/28/2019 9:09
From January 22nd to 24th, the iFX Expo Asia Hong Kong exhibition was successfully concluded. For LEANWORK, this is the fifth time to participate in this high-end event for professional financial institutions. As an invited exhibitor, LEANWORK presented the latest financial CRM solutions to financial institutions from all over the world. At the same time, Mark Sio, a senior marketing development manager with rich marketing experience, delivered a valuable speech about "Broker’s Key of Digital Marketing" in the workshop.   The followings are some wonderful moments at the exhibition site. The huge crowds of participants and lively scenes. ifx expo 2019 A beautiful client is consulting LEANWORK products with Mark Sio. Do you want to know what she is asking? CRM? Trader terminal? Cloud-based bridge and Graphical risk management? Or data engine?... The three people sitting beside the table seem to have reached a critical moment in the negotiations, and unconsciously made some "micro-expressions"... The handsome man in front of the booth was sharp-eyed and aware of the existence of the lens, unconsciously stood up straight, and entered the mirror as the best "Central location"; The guy next to him seems to be unaware, still smiling, talking and laughing...
If you are at the scene, maybe you have been taken in the pictures unconsciously.   In the era of big data, brokers may face many operational challenges. Strategically establishing a “data-driven growth” development model will help brokers gradually improve their core company values and competitiveness.   do you know? 81% of shoppers conduct online research before purchasing.   Have you researched a marketing plan of your competitors? Do you know your customer's purchase journey? Do you know which channels your leads mainly come from? Campaigns, webinars, social media, live marketing, PPC, SEO, and even from employees… … How do you track customer conversions from all of these channels? How do you track your costs?   An important challenge for marketing nowadays is to deliver customer an experience based on data-driven results.
  1. Nearly 90% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) say that providing high-quality experience for customers is the core of long-term competition to make differences.
  2. Only 4% of marketers are satisfied with the customer journey they have provided.
  3. The lack of integration between media, applications, and data sources waste the time, resources, and funding of marketing time- while causing serious technical reliance.
  Customers urgently need sellers to improve their buying process because they want:
  • To be well-informed, able to understand product-related information through omnichannel
  • To have omnidirectional interactions, and choose when, where, and how long to contact the seller.
  • To get excellent service every time you get in touch with the seller
  • To be more influential, and eager to share on social media and get feedback
  The customer's complete life cycle has gone through the process from user acquisition, conversion to retention.   In order to provide a superior customer experience, a comprehensive solution that covers the entire process of brokerage customer management is a must.   It should include: Content Social media Marketing Sales Service   LEANWORK has exactly proposed a comprehensive solution for brokerage CRM, as shown below:   Since our establishment four years ago, LEANWORK has served more than 500 financial institutions. We always adhere to the "technology to help finance", not satisfied with the success of existing products, but also constantly explore new directions, new areas, and hope to provide brokers a complete financial CRM solution around the customer's entire consumption cycle.   The Plus 500 is a good foretype of online marketing, which has the lowest cost of getting the industry. Do you want to be as successful as them?   Online marketing and digital marketing are the main focus for LEANWORK now, and we want your opinion. What functions do you want? Or what do you want to achieve with our products?   Please leave your message below! We may achieve your assumption in some day.

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